Children with Tumours has been created to ensure that children can be children no matter what … and each day we hope to help children by:

    •  Raising funds to provide respite to children and their carers.
    •  By raising funds to contribute towards essential research.
    •  By being a conduit of information for all interested in supporting children and their carers in our community.
    •  By creating online community support to ensure that no one is isolated as a result of having the condition.
    •  By interacting with and acting as a conduit for the extended support framework within the localities


We have assembled a team of successful international people to guide this unique charity for Children with Tumours.

Our concept is to provide a simple, unique, “no frills” approach offering a more worldly, open and sharing way to develop conscious awareness and help children be children in spite of their condition.

Our service is completely free for those who want to join in. There are no membership fees.



Our first campaign we will be a challenge but we are focusing our energy in the area of NF as it is the most overlooked, underfunded and least heard of.

We are collaborating with CTF (Children’s Tumor Foundation) in the USA to ensure that we benefit from their existing experience and share knowledge for the benefit of these children.