Of course there are a great many fabulous charities for children, who help make a difference but there is a lot of criticism about where the funding goes. Children with Tumours don’t employ staff and there are no plush offices. Our unique virtual set up means that there are no ongoing significant overhead costs eating into the funds you raise.
The more money you raise the more we can help in building awareness and support so that our children become integrated and accepted more fully. You will simply be helping children be children.
Whether you are holding an event or making a personal contribution you can donate your monies in any of the following ways: 
  • Pay Directly
  • JustGiving
  • JustTextGiving
  • Standing Order
  • CAF
  • Gift Aid

To help you decide how you can help Children with Tumours please use the links below or those on the navigation bar opposite

  •  Pay Directly
  •  Schools
  •  Corporate Fundraising
  •  Community Fundraising
  •  Sponsorship

 And remember that whatever you do the impact will be greater if you get publicity for your event.