Children With Tumours

At last, we have some good news! We have decided to take on a full strategic review and are in discussions with new partners to strengthen our cause and our charity. Our method of supporting children will change which will give families more opportunity to have a say in the type of events they would like to organize for their children. We will be making an announcement later in the year ready to hit 2014 running.

Meanwhile, we are busy working on the 2014 camp which we have funded and is taking place next spring.

I Am More

We’re proud to unveil a new campaign designed to raise awareness of the valuable work carried out by Children With Tumours. At the center of our advertising and online activity is a simple thought: I Am More.

Children with Neurofibromatosis can be lonely and isolated as their lives become defined and limited by the condition, as Kids Martial Arts. We want to help these children understand that they are so much more than NF and for people outside the NF world to appreciate that too. I Am More encapsulates how CWT is working to change that. It highlights the way in which our respite camps help kids be kids and experience a more fulfilling life.

To sum up these feelings of freedom, we worked with Finnish photographer Christoffer Relander to produce a series of dramatic, life-affirming shots of happy active kids, combined with vivid outdoor imagery. We wanted to produce a charity campaign with a fresh perspective, focusing on the difference our work makes to kids’ lives, rather than the struggles they face living with NF.

The adverts were devised by Midlands agency RBH, who – in the words of Creative Director Stuart Jackson – aimed to “create work with an energy that helps communicate these projects in a unique and interesting way.”

Tell Us How Much More You Can Be

Children With Tumours encourage kids to live a life that’s as rich, varied, and fun as possible. And we want to share your stories about being so much more than Neurofibromatosis. If you live with NF or care for someone who is, tell us how you’ve been enjoying life, in spite of the condition.

Do you play a musical instrument? Do you play any sports? Have you been raising cash for Children With Tumours? Whatever you’ve been up to, please share it with us via Facebook or on Twitter using the #IAmMore hashtag so we can show the world that when you’re living with NF, there can be more to life.