Statement from the board of CwT January 2014

Children with Tumours was set up with the intention of helping children with NF. At that time there was no other charity in the UK dedicated to concentrating exclusively on children with NF. With our vibrant logo and energy we made an immediate impact and many people started to fundraise with us. It has been tremendous and an NF children’s camp, fully funded by CwT, will be held in the spring.

Although the fundraising was exceptional, the IT aspect collapsed during the summer and we had to take time to repair and restore their functionality. With considerable effort this was achieved but we began to realise that to secure our long term mission to help children with NF we needed to look at ways of improving our cause.

CwT have always advocated collaborations as one of our key features and have worked hard with other charities, supporting NF, to share ideas. Our passion is helping children with NF and we realised that the best way forward, and of achieving this, was to collaborate more solidly. To do this we approached The Neuro Foundation because they did not have a specific children’s area.

We are delighted to announce that from 14th February 2014 CwT will become part of The Neuro Foundation, enabling fundraising to be collaborative and for a ‘one stop shop’ to be achievable through the one united charity.

Professor Gareth Evans, Chair, CwT